Sunday, December 25, 2011


As they would say down home.....
Yes, he is!

THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT CHRISTMAS THAT I DO NOT LIKE!  Yes, I have been out in the crowds.  I did "my" Christmas shopping yesterday evening.  I sat through three green lights before the intersection cleared for me to pass.  BIG WHOOP!  

I was to meet Julie at Sam's Club at 4:00PM.  She called to say she was hopelessly tied up in traffic.  I quickly made the purchases for her to open Christmas morning and headed for the car.  Out of all those, maybe thousands of cars, Would you believe we ran right into each other as she drove into the parking area.  Yes, she saw me and knew I had something, but she didn't see what it was.  I put it in my car and returned to the store.

As we do every year, Julie and I went to the Christmas Eve services at the Easton United Methodist Church, where we are members.  It was the most beautiful Christmas Eve service I have ever enjoyed.  Every family in the church had a part in the service.  I was the first of six scripture readers, Julie was one of many who lighted candles.  Our dear friend, Carla Ludwig, programed the service.

As happens in healthy churches, the people did not want to leave.  I inquired of one friend what she and her husband were getting for Christmas.  She said that they had stopped exchanging Christmas presents years ago.  THAT STILL MAKES ME SAD!  I told Julie and she agreed.  (With this couple it has nothing to do with money).  Julie and I look forward to two or three small gifts to open on Christmas morning, then, after the holidays when prices are greatly decreased, we each treat ourselves to a major purchase.

Late on Christmas Eve, we enjoy special food.  It is mostly a part of what Julie takes to her daughter's home for dinner tomorrow.  For many, many years we left that daughter's home immediately after dinner to drive to West Virginia to spend time with my Brother Henry and his wife, Cookie.  We lost my brother in 2005 and Cookie now resides in Myrtle Beach, SC with her daughter.  I am a little sad at this change in our Christmas experience.

A FUNNY STORY, GOTTA HAVE A FUNNY STORY.  Julie baked a ham for Irene, a friend from our church who recently suffered from multiple, compound fractures of her right arm.  I was told that Carla would pick the ham up at 2:30PM to take to Irene.  At 2:15PM old Gunner, my giant schnauzer, told me someone was at the door.  I thought Carla was early.  No, it was another friend, Ken.  He handed me a festive plate of home made cookies.  I thanked him and wished him a Merry Christmas as he left.  I immediately scarfed down about four of those wonderful cookies.  When Julie came home I told her about Ken and Sandy's generosity and how good the cookies were.  JULIE SAID "YOU DIDN'T EAT THOSE COOKIES!"  I ASSURED HER THAT I HAD ONLY EATEN MY HALF.

Julie knew.  Ken knew.  No one told me.
Yes, we replaced the eaten cookies.

My family will celebrate Christmas at my daughter, Kimberly's, home on the 29th.  Last year Aaron, a doctor at the University of Virginia Hospital could not come.  This year Jessi, a nurse and Respiratory Specialist at a children's hospital in Columbus, Ohio can not come.  Otherwise, we'll all be together for what always turns out to be the best of times.

I look forward to church tomorrow morning, Christmas Day.  Julie will not be going, she will be cooking from very early in the morning.  As you would expect in a small country church, dress is quite casual.  For special ocassions like Christmas Eve services, the folks dress a bit better.  Tonight I was very festive in a green sports coat, white shirt and red tie.  Tomorrow morning I will change the green coat and necktie for a green sweater and a red bow tie.  I'll take a bit of ribbing for the bow tie.  I love it!  WHAT FUN! 

Not to forget the reason for the season,
 I am most thankful for the birth of the Christ Child.

Mark, Amy, Dottie, Maude, Cheryl, Kathy and all of my other readers around the world
May all of your wishes come true!

God Bless You and Your's


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