Sunday, January 22, 2012

THE CASTLE LAW: Or, "Make My Day" Law


Many Americans are against gun ownership, including many of my own family, some vehemently so.  On-the-other-hand, there have been close family members who would not go to the store without a gun.  My brother Ray always carried two guns when he was on the road with his 18 wheeler.  I am somewhere in between.

I most certainly believe in gun ownership!

The CASTLE DOCTINE, also known as the Castle Law or Defense of Habitation Law desiginates that a person's abode has certain protections and immunities and one may in certain circumstances attack an intruder without becoming liable to prosecution.  Basically one has the right to use deadly force when there are reasonable fear of imminent peril, or death or serious harm to one's self or others.

Called the "MAKE MY DAY LAW", some states expressly relieve the home's occupants of any duty to retreat.  As of May 28, 2010 there were 31 states with a "Stand Your Ground" law:  Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and West Virgina.

Sarah McKinley, a teen age widow, was alone in her home with an infant when two men started to break in her front door.  She retreated to and locked her bedroom, got out her shotgun and called 911.  The police dispatcher told her to "Do what you have to do to protect your baby".  She did!  When they broke in her bedroom door, she shot and killed the first man.  The second man, pictured right, later turned himself in.  She was not prosecuted!  She retreated, then defended herself.

If I was to fault Mrs. McKinley, it would not be for her action.  It would be for not having that German Shepard loose in the house, if she had him at the time.  He could have stopped the men at the front door.  I don't think the vandal lives who will force his way by my Giant Schanuzer, Gunner. I had to train my Airedale Terriors to attack.  Gunner needs no training.  He is ready, willing and able.  He is also well trained.

A 14-year-old North Carolina boy shot and killed this thug on the left when he, and three others, started to break into his home.  He was alone with his 17-year-old sister, who hid in a closet.  LOOK AT THIS DUDE!  Ask yourself, what would you do if four men like this started to break into your home?  THINK ABOUT IT!

When the men broke through the glass door way the teenager opened fire with a shotgun, killing this man. 

The teenager was not prosecuted!  Nor should he have been.  You can only imagine what would have happened to his sister before they were both killed. 

Knowing that "if it can happen, it will, at the worse possible time", it is important to talk about what to do when and be prepared.  JUST SEEMS TO MAKE SENSE TO ME!

A shotgun is a more common weapon, used for hunting, and it will get the job done.  It did in both of these cases.  That being said, it is large and unwieldly, especially for a small woman.  Just shooting across the room, a pistol will get the job done a lot easier, like a point and shoot camera.
A small .25 caliber, German made, automatic like this will fire 7 shots as quickly as one can pull the trigger.  It can be stored easily, close at hand.  And, across a room, it can be deadly.  While it is even smaller than a man's hand, it is light weight and a perfect fit for a woman's little hand.  Ammunition is easy to buy and cheap enough to practice fire until proficiency is attained. 

Even more important than proficiency, however, is having the correct mental attitude for self protection.  My wife has the right mental attitude!  When push comes to shove, my sweet, congenial wife is tougher than a pine knot!  My mom was that way too.  Mom was also deadly shooting a rifle.  My son, Todd, was a dead shot, when he was quite young.  He shot my rifle so much better than me, I gave it to him. 

After participating in a week long group psychoanalysis years ago, my mental attitude was explained as one who would do what I believed to be right, without hesitation and without remorse for the results. Specifically, the psychologist said that few men could kill another, when it came right down to it.  He said I would do so without hesitation, if I believed it was the right thing to do".  I don't know if that is good or bad.  I do know that is who and what I am.  I do not regret being me.

Uh, the knife in my right front pocket is sharp too, should you want to know!

God Bless You and Yours



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