Monday, January 2, 2012

IOWA CAUCUS WINNER? I've Been Asked My Opinion!


It has come down to the last night befoe the GOP Iowa Caucus.  For some time now I have been urging one and all to vote.  Not just to vote, but to make an informed vote.   The truth is difficult to discover with the media being so one-sided for Obama and the Liberals.  A good example is the reporting on the most important factor, unemployment and the economy.

At the end of President Bush's term in office, the unemployment went from 5.5% to 5.7%,  a fifty year average.  Big, bold headlines delared UNEMPLOYMENT EXPLODES!  When the long term, high unemployment dropped a fraction from the longstanding 9.0%+ rate the big, bold headlines read UNEMPLOYMENT TRENDING DOWNWARD.  Really, I mean, look at the chart above.  Clearly Obama's plan is working.  Isn't it?


When placed in the proper long term prospective, unemployment remains quite high.  Consider if the unemployment included all the discouraged who have dropped out of the labor market or are under employed.  The true unemployment is nearly 12%.  Take into consideration also, that the current job growth represents temporary Christmas employment, and, really, there is no job growth.

Sadly, and  unfortunately, some of my dearest friends, like a lot of other good people, are completely misguided by the media.  They believe what they are led to believe.  And, their uninformed vote counts just as much a my vote counts.  

Where do you find the truth?  Alongwith most of the nation, I rely on Fox News.  They tell both sides of the story and allow you to make up your own mind as to the truth of the matter.  When you look at the situation this way, you will more than likely make the right decision, most of the time.  That is as good as it gets..

I faithfully watch Fox News at 6:00AM, 6:00PM and O'Reilly at 8:00PM.  I read but discount almost totally the AOL news.  I do not read newspapers at all.

It is important to keep in mind the true importance of the Iowa Caucus and that is to give us a look at the candidates.  The people voting in the Iowa caucuses do not represent America, sad to say.  

The voters in Iowa are white, rural and evangelical.  The nation is not!  They did not pick Reagan, who swept the nation.  They did pick Huckabee, who rolled right over and died.


More precisely, who do I think is going to win.  I believe it is between Rommey and Paul.  If Paul wins in Iowa, he will not win the GOP nomination.  He is so far out of reality that, should he win the nomination, I would have to choose Obama.  THAT IS  UNTHINKABLE!  It is also unthinkable to the nation.

Then, why is he even a consideration for the people in Iowa?  I think it reflects the depth of disgust for the established, Washington politician and the desire to return to a Constitution led nation.  Ron Paul is preceived to be outside that loop and is a consideration.  He has run an effective campaign in Iowa, is well funded and has run there before.  He has also been a Senator for some 23 years, proposed over 600 bills and had only one passed, something concerning a building in Tennessee, nothing of consequence.
If hard work and presistance should carry the day, Rick Santorum would be a shoo-in.  He is the current recipient of the anti-Rommey vote, following Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and Michele Bachmann.  Fortunately for him, he is riding that crest just prior to the election.  He may place in the race but he does not have the funds nor the infrastructure to follow through in the other states.  He will not be the GOP candidate, in my opinion.  If he should be, Obama will eat him alive.

My choice for a candidate to debate Obama and to be President would be Newt Gingrich.  He has been destroyed by negative ads by Ron Paul, ads that could not be answered because they truly represented Newt's past.  I don't think Newt will even place.

My wife, Julie, has met Newt, had dinner with he and his previous wife, and was a primary fund raiser for him  several years ago.  She likes Newt also.

What's not to like about Michele Bachmann?  She has a marvelous character, what she said yesterday she still says today, she is bright and a good debator, and she has the courage of her conviction and expresses those convictions well.  Remembering the Iron Lady of Great Britain, I could vote for a woman for president.  Not so the nation!  I think this race will end her bid for the office.  I would hope who ever wins the office, that they would have Michele Bachmann in their cabinet.  She is a tax expert.  Sic her on the IRS.  I really like Michele Bachmann.  
I would also hope that whoever wins the Presidency will use Gov. Sarah Palin in their cabinet.  Ask her to solve our dependency on foreign oil.  She would accomplish that in less time than you would believe.  She would also get gas below $1.00 a gallon. 

THE ONE ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT IN THIS ELECTION IS ELECTABILITY.  Each and every poll, since the very beginning, indicates that Mitt Romney is that person.  It is a horse race, win, place and show.  Even if Romney comes in second, he will be the winner going forward.

Vulnerable in many areas, I think it is believed that Romney can win the general election due to the Obama's record and the people's desire for change.  He has the money--his wife said yesterday they hadn't even used any of their personal funds yet--the infrastructure, and the presidential appearance.  He will carry New Hampshire.  While the good folks in South Carolina and Florida will have to hold their noses, I think they will also give him the vote, as Newt is preceived to be unelectable.



We'll know for sure tomorrow night.  I'll be watching closely.

God Bless You and Yours


(Thanks Mark)

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