Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NUDGED FROM THE NEST? Spread Your Wings And Fly!


I am so blessed!  I have two sons and a daughter.  The boys had seven children between them, born early in their lives.  My daughter went through the agonies of her soul, and many years, before her birthing problem was diagnosed allowing her to have a child.  As difficult as those years were, the results are that while all my other grandchildren are through college, several married with children, I still have a 10 year old and a 12 year old.  Rosebud and Riley.  The absolute delight of their grandfather.

I was quite involved in Riley's life when he was a new born.  He was in dire straits, losing weight and a serious concern.  For the first six weeks of his life, through his mother who breast fed him, I fattened Riley up and got him started in life.  I cooked all their meals for six weeks and daily associated with the two of them.  Precious moments.  His weight, and his mother's also, started to gain with the first meal.  Cream this and cream that!

I have been very close with all my grandchildren and love each of them dearly.  That said, I have been even more involved with Riley and Rosebud throughout each phase of their lives.  We have some great stories to share, like the time I explained a "snot rag" to him, to his mother's horror and shock to his Grandma Boggs.


Riley will soon be a 13 year old.  He is in the 7th grade of an outstanding private school.  He started learning French in Kindergarden.  I monitored one of his French classes.  Not a word of English was spoken in the class or in the outdoor game period.  He has now studied a total of four languages.  He is an outstanding student.  He is an athelete in several sports.  He has twice been a key player in League Champion football teams.  I am very proud of Riley!


President Dwight D. Eisenhour started a program called STUDENT AMBASSADORS.  It is northing like a student exchange program.  Out of a pool of 20,000 students, forty students were considered, twenty were chosen.  Riley was one of the twenty who may travel abroad starting next summer representing the United States to other countries.  Next year Riley can travel to England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

The students who have participated in this program over the years have attained very high objectives in life, many in the State Department.  It is a great opportunity to learn and serve. 

Recently, however, Riley made a class trip to Washington, DC.  Although he is an experienced  traveler, having crossed the country many times, north to south and east to west, this was his first overnight trip without the security of his parents.  It understandably created a sense of anxiety about being on his own for several weeks in foreign lands.

A powerful metaphor is that of the mother bird and the baby bird in the nest.  The time has arrived for the baby bird to learn to fly.  But, the baby bird doesn't know it.  If left to its own devices, it might remain in the warmth, comfort and safety of the nest forever.  The mother knows it is time for the bird to leave the nest.  So, with a firm nudge, the mother pushes the baby bird out of the nest, having complete faith that the baby is ready.  And, the baby bird does fly.  

In humans this nudge results in successful achievers understanding what makes them happy, helps them to find their life's passion, and impels them to pursue their dreams to the fullest extent.

As a loving and concerned grandfather looking on, I want to put in my two cents.  I know, however, that I am not a player on the field in this game of life, I am now in the cheering section.  My Kimberly has flown from the nest long ago.  She has a Master's Degree in Family Counseling.  She is an Executive Director of a national medical association.  She is most qualified, far more so than me.  She may nudge Riley out of the nest while she hovers overhead to insure that Riley spreads his wings successfully.

I'm very proud of you Kimberly

God Bless You and Yours



The Mama bird has decided that her little one is not ready to soar at this time.
He is only 12 at the present and Europe is a long ways from home.
He is still in the STUDENT AMBASSADOR program
He may go next year or the year following.

You know, mama birds start to remove softness from the nest,
they will even add stones to the nest

Riley will do well and the world will be better because of his involvement



Anonymous said...

Grandpa, it means a lot to me when I see you write blogs about me. Love you, take care! -Riley

Walt Pierce said...


Grandpa writes about life as he sees it. Since the day of your birth you have been an important part of my life. Haven't we had fun over the years? And, more fun to come.