Wednesday, January 11, 2012



Perhaps nothing makes me realize that I am now part of the "older generation", like the man in the picture to the left, than the rate of technological improvements.

By the time I get somewhat familiar with one of the new high tech apparatus, it is obsolete.  The replacement is a whole new lifestyle of it's own. 

Frustrating!  That we could just "slow" it down a bit!

No!  I do not want to remain in the past.  I like the improvements.   I learned to type 65 words a minute, with high accuracy, on the above manual typewriter.  In 1950, while visiting a friend in the radio shack of the Alameda Naval Air Station, I had my first exposure to an electrical typewriter.  I couldn't type 10 words a minute without an error.  That, too, was frustrating and embarrassing.  LET IT BE KNOWN THAT TODAY I LOVE WORD PROCESSING ON MY COMPUTER.  Now, I can type 65 words, error free, but don't have to worry.  Errors are so easily erased and corrected.  The problem?  My computer is totally out-of-date!

I sure love my high-tech trike.  It is a Terra Trike Tour, designed for long distance biking with a load, geared to climb mountains with the safety of huge disc brakes.  The steering is so efficent and technical and the reclining ride so comfortable, what's not to like?  I hope to ride a number of rail-to-trails across the country late spring and early summer, backed up with a van.
On the trip I plan to end up in the Los Angeles area and was considering getting a GPS.  I have seen them used and they are quite impressive, literally telling you to turn here or there.  I do have some reservations, however, as I am aware of the "dumbing down" of the users.  I used to know so many phone numbers.  Now I know one, my own.  My cell phone knows the rest.  I have travelled in every state, excepting Alaska, through town and country, without the use of a GPS.

I asked both of my sons, both high tech gurus, what they thought I should own.  Their conclusion was I should get a new cell phone with GPS capabilities.  I DON'T THINK SO!  I had my wife buy me a 2012 Road Atlas, the GPS of my day.  It costs $10.88 at Sam's Club and I am already an expert at using it.  Will it go obsolete?  Not for another year!  Let's see now, I take Barber road to I76............. 
My wife Julie was on the phone for over two hours trying to resolve a cell phone problem last night.  They had talked her into trying a new phone instead of getting a new battery for her now "obsolete" phone.  She agreed to try the new phone without costs.  Bad decision.  It goes back today.
Let it be known that I do love my Kindle.  Although I resisted getting one for the longest time, my family gifted me a new kindle a year ago when I had my left hip replaced.  THANKS ONE AND ALL!  It now has over 900 books in it and I read it daily, too much some times.  YOU KNOW WHAT?  IT IS NOW OBSOLETE, REPLACED BY THE NEW KINDLE FIRE!  Although it still works, I know it is but a bit of time until it will need to be updated.  BOO!

I need to face it, I am old!  I like to say that I am only coming 81 on the outside but inside I am still only 35.  More and more, sitting on a shanty boat, with a wood burning stove, kerosene lamps and peace and quiet on the Ohio River sounds better and better! Un Huh!  I expect to start building my shanty boat next summer, the good Lord willing and the krick don't get too high.  Want to visit me then?  Write me General Delivery, Point Pleasant, WV 25550.  Wait!  Postal Mail is becoming obsolete, huh?  Oh Yeah!    Just come on down!  We'll catch those big shovel headed catfish at the mouth of Old Town Creek.  We'll just retrograde and let the good times roll.


God Bless You and Yours


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