Sunday, April 5, 2015

SAILING THE LOOP:  Family and Friends

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                                You might find your life's destination better if you remember    
                   GARDNERS WHO MAKE OUR SOULS BLOSSOM.  Marcel Proust              

                                     In time of test, family is best!  Burmese Proverb                 

I know my wife and children love me and are concerned at the adventurous life I have always lived.  And, here I am, getting ready to have a go at sailing the 6,000 mile loop around the eastern USA.  I should like to use this blog to express my appreciation for their trust and loyalty.

   A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.  Dutch Proverb     

I have backpacked 600 miles of the Appalachian Trail and the west coast of Ireland.  I have made dozens of wilderness canoe expeditions, some solo with only a dog for company--go to the end of the gravel roads in North America, point the canoe north and start paddling.   I have sailed down the Ohio River solo three times since I retired 24 years ago.  I made an aborted trip--aborted due to bad medical advice--at riding a recumbent trike across the southern USA bike trail.  Since retiring I have lived summers mostly alone at the families lakeside retreat.

Not one family member has ever once reminded me of my age nor of the potential risk involved.  Rather, they have actively supported every effort.
I'll remove the mast and sails and just motor
    The most I can do for a friend is just be a friend.  Henry David Thoreau        

Sailing requires a wide variety of special gear, not the least of which are a pair of non-slip deck shoes.  I have worn Sperry Top Siders for maybe 50 years.  I wore a size 9 when I joined the Navy at 17, a size 10 when I got out at age 21 and at age 84 I wear a size 12.  Using Amazon gift cards the family gave me for my birthday, I ordered me a new pair today.  Thank You!

The person who goes farthest generally is the one who is willing to do or dare.  The sure thing boat never gets far from the shore.  Dale Carnagie

My wife, Julie, bought me a pressure cooker for my birthday.  One might wonder about the need for a pressure cooker on a boat, right?  Well, in her book Voyaging on a Small Income, Annie Hill makes a great argument for using one for everything from baking cakes to quickly cooking beef roast.  Annie should know, she has been sailing around the world for decades. As I'll be cooking on my Sea Swing stove--it costs almost as much as a full sized stove--fueled by small cans of propane, quick cooking makes sense.  Mostly, however, I'll use this gimbal stove to keep a tea kettle of water hot for coffee, tea, soups and add water meals.

If fitness came in a bottle everyone would have a great body.   Cher     

On a canoe expedition with my son Todd, I was introduced to french pressed coffee.  On previous wilderness trips I always boiled coffee.  Neither of my sons cared for it.  Todd brought him a GSI Java french press coffee maker with an insulated wrap.  I tried it.  I have never had better coffee, nor coffee easier to make.  This will be perfect for my upcoming cruise.  After the trip, Todd bought me my own press.  I bought a second one just to be safe.

If you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much space.  Anonymous      

Many, many years ago my son, Mark, and his lovely wife, Mark Kay, gave me a great, 20 degree sleeping bag.  It was a perfect over sized mummy bag.  I have slept in that bag around the country, and to some extent, around the world.  In the north woods I'd wear a toboggan over my head, pull that bag up around my head with just a breathing hole, and sleep soundly in weather where I had to break the ice in the morning to make coffee.  I'll have sheets, blanket and spread on my  boat bunk.  On top of all that, however, I'll again sleep in my sleeping bag.

My daughter, Kimberly, and family just gave me a beautiful jacket with "Navy" and the goat mascot on it, along with lounging PJs.  Previously, they gave me a Navy hat which will perfectly match the jacket.

          To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.  Benjamin Franklin     

Wonder how I got the name Christy Anne for my boat?  When this grand daughter was born and they told me her name I asked how they spelled "Anne" and they told me with an "e".  I said that's a beautiful name and it will be the name of my next sail boat.  Thirteen years later Christy christened my Oday Mariner the Christy Anne.  Of course today Christy has graduated from college with a middle management position in a large company.  She is ornery and one of my very favorites.

My friend Don Wilson has agreed to pull my boat to Lake Erie in July.

On this Easter Eve, I thank God for family and friends.  May I be worthy of their love!

    MAY GOD BLESS YOU                 AND YOURS 



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